We are training the next generation of researchers and innovators in designing responsible and trustworthy natural language processing

The UKRI AI Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Responsible and Trustworthy in-the-world NLP is based at the University of Edinburgh. Applications are currently closed but will reopen near the end of 2024 for the September 2025 cohort – click the link below for more information about the studentships we advertised for September 2024

Our CDT is based in the Edinburgh Futures Institute – the University of Edinburgh’s brand new hub for research, innovation and teaching focused on socially just artificial intelligence and data.

Skills Domains

Our CDT has five core skills domains that represent the skills needed to ensure NLP systems are responsibly designed, deployed and overseen, and trusted by citizens and societies

Responsible NLP data and models

Our students will develop techniques for building and curating inclusive and diverse datasets, as well as practices leading to fairer and less biased models.

Explainable NLP for users in-the-world

Our students will be trained in visualisation techniques that enable end-users to examine datasets and models, using NLP-based techniques to provide human-readable explanations of datasets and AI models.

Designing for Human-NLP partnership

Our students will use new human-centered methods to create adaptable human-AI partnership systems (e.g., human-in-the-loop, human-NLP teams).

NLP governance and accountability

Responsibly deploying NLP requires understanding the intersect with current (IPR, GDPR, Equalities, Copyright) and emerging (EU AI) laws and governance.

Co-creation and NLP futures

Our students will develop new design methods that enable diverse members of society to shape the technical and design decisions surrounding future applications of NLP.

Our Partners

We have a large and diverse community of partners that are collaborating with us to train our students, and to also help shape the future adoption of NLP. Partners will offer students project challenges, placements and internships, and will also participate in a new community of practice around responsible NLP.

Our partner represent industry at the cutting edge of NLP developments (such as Microsoft Research, Amazon, Cohere, DeepMind) and those looking to adopt these systems at scale for real-world applications (such as NatWest Group, abrdn, Police Scotland, National Museums of Scotland, amongst many others). We are alson working closely with advocacy groups and policy making organisations, such as Ada Lovelace Institute, DCMS and the Office for AI, OFCOM, and the Alan Turing Institute.

See our CDT Partners page for more information.

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